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Special edition Kampo, individual articles

Foreword – What is Kampo Medicine
Shuji Goto

History of Kampo Medicine
Features of each period, prominent persons, individual theories, celebrated books
Hiromichi Yasui

Distinctive Features of Kampo Medicine
Theory, clinical style, research, application in the modern medical system

148 Prescriptions of Kampo Medicine in Medical Insurance
Explaining the contents and indications of the 148 prescriptions of Kampo Medicine approved for medical insurance

Clinical Applications of Kampo Medicine
Hiromichi Yasui, Committee Chairman, Annual Report Committee of Kampo Medicine

Manufacturing Process for the Prescriptions of Kampo Medicine
Introduction of the production process of Kampo prescriptions illustrated with photographs

Quality Evaluation of Kampo Medical Extracts
Analytical evaluation of crude drugs, residual agricultural chemical examinations, extract quality evaluation

Herbs Covered by Health Insurance in Japan
Tables, explanation of 160 different herbs, common name/botanical name/Chinese name(Chinese characters)/Japanese name
Yoshiro Sahashi

Societies for Kampo Medicine
Japanese Society for Oriental Medicine, Medical and Pharmaceutical Society for WAKAN-YAKU, The Association of East-Asian Medicine, Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy, The Japan Society of Medical History

Education for Kampo Medicine
Education for Kampo Medicine in medical schools, seminars, educational lectures of the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine

Journals of Kampo Medicine
Kampo Medicine, Journal of Traditional Medicine, Journal of Kampo Medicine, Journal of the Japan Society of Medical History,
Clinical Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Φυτο, The Kampo Medicine, Phil Kampo, and others

Medical Insurance in Japan
History and the present state of medical insurance in Japan
Naoya Ono

Appendix – Composition and Indications of 148 Prescriptions