Journal Volume8-3

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Journal Volume8-3, individual articles

Application of European Herbal Medicine to Kampo Medicine
Hiromichi Yasui

Japanese Acupuncture – Current Research
Japanese Traditional Medicine Text (9) –Obstetrics
Hiroaki Suzuki

Kampo Medicine – Current Research
Kampo Medicine and Concept of Weak Constitution
– Frailty, Locomotive Syndrome, and Sarcopenia
Kazunari Ozaki

Clinical Report 1 (Acupuncture)
Rubbing Acupuncture Method: A Case Report for Dementia
Haruo Yoshimura

Clinical Report 2 (Kampo Medicine)
A Case in Which the Administration of Multiple Kampo Drugs Improved the Symptoms of ASD and ADHD in a 15-year-old Boy
Hideaki Yamaguchi