Journal Volume12-2

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Journal Volume12-2, individual articles

Efficacies of Each Single Crude Drug Used in Traditional Japanese Kampo Medicine
Toshiaki Makino

Report from WFAS Tokyo/Tsukuba 2016
Overview of the “Toyo Hari Medical Association” (1)
Toyo Hari Medical Association

Integrating Kampo and Evidence-Based Medicine (10)
Living along with the Patient until the End of the Life
Hiromichi Yasui

Clinical Report 1 (Acupuncture)
A Case in which an Improvement Was Seen in Facial Nerve Paralysis Owing to Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatment of the Upper
and Lower Legs
Mariko Oikawa and Shuichi Katai

Clinical Report 2 (Kampo Medicine)
A Case of Bad Health Condition from her First Delivery Comprehensively Treated with Kampo Medicine, which Led to the Next Pregnancy
Mizuho Kobayashi