Journal Volume8-1

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Journal Volume8-1, individual articles

Clinical Practice Guidelines including Acupuncture
Hitoshi Yamashita

Japanese Acupuncture – Current Research
Japanese Traditional Medicine Text (7) – Orthopedic Disorders, D Acupuncture Research for Stiff Shoulders
Tomokazu Kikuchi

Kampo Medicine – Current Research
Clinical Experience for Functional Sterility, Complicated with Irregular Menstruation and Anovulatory Cycle, Administrated of Saireito
Takeshi Nakayama

Clinical Report 1 (Acupuncture)
Safety and Effects of Acupuncture Treatment Using Filiform Needles for Hemodialysis Patients
Hinata Sakuraba, Hiroshi Kondo, Shuichi Katai, Tomomasa Moriyama, Hiroaki Kinoshita, Takashi Ishizu and Aki Hirayama

Clinical Report 2 (Kampo Medicine)
Cornelia de Lange Syndrome with Recurrent Pneumonia
Hideaki Yamaguchi

Conference Report
The 3rd JSAM International Symposium on Evidence-based Acupuncture
– Evidence of the Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Headache –
Hitoshi Yamashita