Journal Volume13-1

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Journal Volume13-1, individual articles

Kampo Medicine and Clinical Pearls
Hiromichi Yasui

Report from WFAS Tokyo/Tsukuba 2016
Shakuju Treatment
Shakuju Association

Kampo Medicine – Current Research
The Traditional Herbal Medicine Boiogito (Fang-Yi-Hung-Qi-Tang) Slows Postprandial Oxidation of Ingested Glucose Only in Women
Koichiro Tanaka, Hiroshi Uchino, Kazuhiko Nara, Yoshifumi Irie, Takahisa Hirose and Yoshihisa Urita

Clinical Report (Acupuncture)
Two Cases of Low Back Pain / Sciatica Improved by Meridian Therapy
Michihiro Baba

Conference Report
Interpretation for Dr. Hempen in Kanazawa and our Activities in JTAMS
JTAMS International Department Translation Team