Journal Volume2-3

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Journal Volume2-3, individual articles

Japanese Knack and the Cultural Background
Noboru Mitsuhata

Japanese Acupuncture – Current Research
Effects of Press Tack Needle in the Sports Field
Toshikazu Miyamoto

Kampo Medicine – Current Research
Effects of Saikokeishito on Pediatric Diseases
Hiromichi Yasui

Clinical Report 1 (Japan)
Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatment as Health Management
Tomofumi Ozaki

Clinical Report 2 (Japan)
Headache  Mihoh Koga

Clinical Report 3 (Japan)
Treatment of Insomnia based on Benshou-ronchi (Holistic Diagnosis for Disease Pattern Identification)       Naoki Hirama

Introduction of Japanese Acupuncture
Considering the Therapist’s Hand (7) Shuichi Katai

Medical History in Japan
Todo Yoshimasu and His Medicine (1) Hiromichi Yasui