Journal Volume7-1

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Journal Volume7-1, individual articles

Clinical Applications and Key Signs
Masayuki Kashima

Japanese Acupuncture – Current Research
Japanese Traditional Medicine Text (3) – Internal Medicine C
Hiroshi Omata

Kampo Medicine – Current Research
Essentials of Pediatric Kampo Medicine (1)
Hideaki Yamaguchi

Clinical Report 1 (Acupuncture)
A Case Where Treatment of Heverden’s Nodes Associated DIP Arthralgia with
Acupuncture and Moxibustion was Considered Effective- combined Oriental and Western Medical Approaches –
Souichiro Mine

Clinical Report 2 (Kampo Medicine)
One Case of Ulcerative Colitis Whose Symptoms after Total Colectomy were Successfully
Treated with Kampo Drugs
Takao Namiki

Medical History in Japan
”Historical Significance of Standardization of Acupoint Locations”, the Second Japanese Acupoint Committee (5)
Makoto Mayanagi