Journal Volume6-1

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Journal Volume6-1, individual articles

Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Modern Medicine
Shuichi Katai

Japanese Acupucture – Current Research
Current Research of Acupuncture for Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
Hisashi Honjo

Kampo Medicine – Current Research
Three Cases of Severe Bradyarrhythmia in Elderly Dementia Patient Successfully Treated with Goreisan (Powder of Five Ingredients with Poria) Extract Formulation for Prescription
Kazunari Ozaki, Mitsuru Kageyama and Hiromi Rakuga

Clinical Report 1 (Acupuncture)
Two Cases that had Treatments Effect with Infant Acupuncture Therapy
Takeshi Matsumoto

Clinical Report 2 (Kampo Medicine)
Headache 1
Mihoh Koga

Front Line of Kampo Pharmacology
Review 1 of Pharmacology-related Academic Meetings
Toshiaki Makino

 Medical History in Japan
“Historical Significance of the Standardization of Acupoint Locations”, the Second Japanese Acupoint Committee (1)
Makoto Mayanagi