Journal Volume1-1

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Journal Volume1-1, individual articles

Foreword Kampo, Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine  Shuji Goto, Executive Editor

Japanese Acupuncture – Current Research
Efficacy of Acupuncture Treatment for Headache Satoru Yamaguchi

Kampo Medicine – Current Research
Efficacy of “Goreisan” for Headache  Hiromichi Yasu

Clinical Report 1 (Japan)
Acupuncture for Overactive Bladder  Naoto Ishizaki, Hiroshi Kitako

Clinical Report 2 (Japan)
Astragalus Root Provides a Decline in Serum Creatinine in Chronic Renal Failure
Hajime Haimoto

 Clinical Report 3 (Japan)
Maoto Demonstrated as Highly Effective for the Treatment of Influenza (B)
Kazuhiro Oribe
Efficacy of Kampo Medicine for Influenza with Particular Focus on Maoto
Chizuno Hidaka, Hiromichi Yasui, Hideaki Yamaguchi

Clinical Report 4 (Japan)
Headache – Two Unique Cases  Yoshihide Yakazu, Hiromichi Yasui

Clinical Report from Europe
Case Study: Classical Migraine  Ulrich Eberhard

 Introduction of Japanese Acupuncture
Considering the Therapist’s Hand  Shuichi Katai

Medical History in Japan
Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion under the Rule of GHQ after World War II
Takako Okutsu

Book Review
“Japanese Acupuncture: A Clinical Study” written by Stephen Birch and Junko Ida
Reviewed by Emily Katai