Journal Volume5-2

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Journal Volume5-2, individual articles

Oriental Medicine and Nature
Shuichi Katai

Japanese Acupuncture – Current Research
Japanese Acupuncture for “Hie” Symptoms (excessive sensitivity to cold)
Shunji Sakaguchi

Kampo Medicine – Current Research
Situation on Use of Goreisan in Dialysis Patients
Kazuhiro Muroga

Clinical Report 1 (Japan)
Three Cases of Shonishin (pediatric acupuncture) for Night Cry, Stool Abnormality and Nightmare
Shoko Masuyama

Clinical Report 2 (Japan)
A Case that Had More Effect from Less Crude Drugs
Masayuki Kashima

Clinical Report 3 (Japan)
A Case of Eating Disorder Accompanied by Anxiety (Yokukansan for Paroxysmal Vomiting)
Mihoh Koga

Front Line of Kampo Medicine
Review 1 of Academic Meeting Concerning Pharmaceutical Sciences
Toshiaki Makino

 Kampo Formula Developed in Japan (2)
Hiromichi Yasui