DO-HO Park Acu-moxa Clinic -tsukuba international Acupuncture-Moxibustion Institute


洞峰パーク鍼灸院 ーつくば国際鍼灸研究所ー


Doho Park Acu-Moxa Clinic Information

Brought to you by Dr. Katai, Dr. Suetake and Dr. Hayashi

  Traditional Eastern Medicine makes full instrumental use of needles and moxa to draw upon the body and mind’s own innate healing ability. Acupuncture and Moxibusiton (acu-moxa) is a practice of intentional medicine that employs the practitioner’s sincere wish to see a patient heal. This healing modality integrates the instruments, techniques and intention into one comprehensive treatment to heal your body and mind.

  Our clinic is conveniently located adjacent to Doho Park in Tsukuba City in Japan. We firmly believe that the lush natural surroundings of Doho Park will enhance your treatment and aid in your recovery.

  If you are concerned about your physical or emotional health, please contact us by phone or email for a free consultation.

    Our clinic schedules appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    Our current hours of operation are as follows:

      9am – 5:30pm on Monday and Wednesday

      9am – 6:30pm on Friday

You can reach us by fax or telephone at +81-(0)29-897-3150

Our email address is:

Our website URL is :